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CALL US: 260-747-2000

Buyers of scrap metal, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and electric wire.

Get cash from your scrap

We buy several types of metal. We sort it, break it down and turn it into something that can be used again. With Upstate Metal Recycling there is a benefit to everyone involved, including the environment and community.

Collect metal

Round up your scrap metal and bring it to us! For larger orders involving businesses and organizations we’re happy to pick it up.


We measure your scrap on our drive-up scale, which eliminates any guesswork. Our quick and easy process allows you to get on with your day, and us to get busy sorting your metal.

collect cash

Once your metal is weighed, collect your cash! We take care of unloading and sorting while you get paid. Come see us today to recycle your scrap and fill your wallet.

We Pay You For Your Scrap Metal

Aluminum Cans


$.50 /LBS.

$.55 /LB OVER 100 LBS.

Misc. Steel/Complete Autos


$165.00 /TN






$3.25 (#2 CU) –

$3.40 (B.B.) /LBS.



For Commercial & Industrial Account Pricing Please Call (260) 747-2000 

We are a member of the American Metal Market® to ensure we are staying competitive with our pricing. Prices can fluctuate daily and are subject to change. We reserve the right to adjust pricing due to changing market conditions. We also have the right to refuse to honor any incorrect Internet Daily Pricing due to market variation.

Large Organization and Businesses

We are equipped to handle any size load of material and we are members of the American Metal Market® to ensure we are staying competitive in the market place.